If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I’ve written several posts about an unassuming British Christian, who used to be a musician and is now a church pastor.

His name is Chris Wickland.

It started with this powerful and dramatic light through the cracks testimony about how, many years ago, Chris was leading a lifestyle that was heavily involved in witchcraft, but then he had a dramatic encounter with, and found faith in, Jesus, before eventually becoming a pastor.

It followed, early last year, with this equally powerful and dramatic light through the cracks miracle story, of how Chris was at a trampoline park with his children, when he died, and was resurrected, through the power of prayer.

The trampoline park story then featured in a BBC TV programme, ‘Close Calls: On Camera‘, in an episode that was aired last year, and which I wrote about here.

Now it’s come to my attention that Chris, and his wife Tracey, have shared yet another powerful testimony. This one, dating back to three months ago, recalls how God was powerfully at work in every single detail when Chris’ pacemaker started sending electrical impulses, warning him of trouble with his heart rate. Like clockwork, he lined everything up, before, during and after all that unfolded.

It will be well worth the 24 minutes of your time that it will take you to watch it here. You’ll need to fast forward to come in at 5:45 and you’ll be able to log off at 29:50. (Unless, of course, you want to watch right to the end!)


Have you, like Chris and Tracey, ever been in an unexpected and troubling situation, only to find God is powerfully at work in every single detail, lining everything up to bring you healing, provision and protection?

For me, this happened in the story of my car accident in the USA, which is the opening chapter in my book, “Light through the Cracks: How God Breaks In When Life Turns Tough“. (Don’t forget to buy a signed copy here, if you haven’t already done so!)

I would love to hear your similar stories in the comments below.

Photo from quimono via Pixabay


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