Joanna Watson is an inspirational Christian author and speaker, with a passion to see ordinary people encountering God in extraordinary ways. In a world filled with darkness, she seeks to share stories and reflections that show how God’s light, hope and miraculous power break in through the cracks.  

If you would like to invite Joanna to speak at your church, group or other event, please get in touch to invite her.

Joanna enjoys using stories from the Bible, stories from her own life, and stories from others, when she speaks – whether her audience is live or online.

Over the years, she has had the privilege of preaching in a wide variety of churches, speaking at women’s events, and teaching and training in various contexts, in the UK and other nations.

She speaks on a wide variety of topics, but especially enjoys these ones:

  • The power and importance of testimony stories
  • How to hold on to prophetic promises
  • Praying the Bible and praying in the name of Jesus
  • Listening to God and hearing his voice
  • Miracles in the Kingdom of God


Listen to Joanna, in a pre-recorded interview on Premier Christian Radio, speaking with Simon Ward, as part of his Sunday morning Worship at Home show. Joanna was Simon’s guest for his regular “My Faith@Work” feature, which weaves throughout the programme. It it she answered some tricky questions, including, “How can miracles can be verified?” and, “What would you say to those who haven’t yet had their miracle?


Listen to Joanna, in an interview for the Christian Book Blurb podcast series, speaking with author and singer-songwriter, Matt McChlery. In the course of the conversation, they cover topics such as how her Christian faith shapes her life; what was involved in writing her book; why she believes we should be talking more about miracles, plus much more …


Listen to Joanna, in a live interview on Premier Christian Radio, speaking with Maria Rodrigues, as part of her weekday Faith, Hope and Love show. In it, she shares about how she survived the dramatic car accident that could have left her dead or paralysed, and why she has written her book, Light through the Cracks.


Listen to Joanna, in a live interview on UCB2 Christian Radio, speaking with Ruth O’Reilly Smith, as part of her This Is My Story show. In it, she shares some of her life story, why she has written her book, Light through the Cracks, and what she hopes readers will think and feel as a result of reading it.


Watch Joanna in a live interview on the award-winning Christian TV channel, Revelation TV, as part of the Insight Live programme, speaking about her book and blog:

photo (c) John Cairns

Does God hear our prayers? Does God care? Does God involve himself in the details of our lives? Does God ever intervene? Really? Joanna Watson’s exciting new book exclaims a resounding “YES!” God is with us; God is for us … It will also raise faith in us to believe, seek, and expect to see more of God’s gracious and miraculous intervention.

– Rev Simon Ponsonby – international author, speaker, Bible teacher, pastor and theologian