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 Joanna is the author of the Amazon # 1 best-selling book of Christian miracle stories, “Light through the Cracks: How God Breaks In When Life Turns Tough“, which was officially released in November 2021.

If you buy the book here, it will be signed by the author, with a personalised handwritten message for the recipient.

Black and white portrait photograph of Joanna Watson

Introducing Joanna

Joanna Watson is an inspirational Christian author and speaker, with a passion to see ordinary people encountering God in extraordinary ways. In a world filled with darkness, she seeks to share stories and reflections that show how God’s light, hope and miraculous power break in ‘through the cracks’. Her writing and speaking are regularly described as “encouraging”, “inspiring”, and “faith building”.

I defy you to put ‘Light through the Cracks’ down, once you have started reading it! It is a fascinating collection of 21st century true stories that Joanna has carefully researched and recorded. She writes fluently and appealingly. Is God still active today and does He listen and respond to our prayers? If you are in any doubt, then you must read this book! … It is intensely personal, clearly authentic and gloriously uplifting. Read it yourself and then buy copies for all your friends and family!

– Anne Coles – author, speaker and former co-leader of New Wine England