Joanna Watson is an inspirational Christian author and speaker, with a passion to see ordinary people encountering God in extraordinary ways. In a world filled with darkness, she seeks to share stories and reflections that show how God’s light, hope and miraculous power break in through the cracks.

If you would like to commission Joanna to write for you, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Joanna has been writing copy for more than twenty years, including training materials, how-to guides, opinion pieces, magazine articles, marketing resources, devotionals, reflections and true stories. She is experienced in writing content for articles, blogs and websites – particularly for charities and churches – and she loves nothing more than finding just the right words to express what someone is trying to say.

She particularly likes writing about “light through the cracks” – how God breaks in when life turns tough, and how ordinary people encounter God in extraordinary ways – to build faith, encourage hope, and inspire expectancy for the miraculous.

Joanna is a co-founder of Kingdom Story Writers. She is also a member of the Association of Christian Writers and the Society of Authors.

Along with 24 other writers, Joanna was invited to contribute a devotional reflection into a new book for Advent, suitable for all the family, called The Jesse Tree Anthology. Each author was allocated a different Bible character and asked to consider how that person’s story pointed towards Jesus’ birth. Together, these people form Jesus’ family tree, known as ‘The Jesse Tree’. Joanna wrote one of her ‘thoughts for the month‘ about Joseph, the character she was given, here. She also interviewed her fellow writer friend, who compiled the book, here. It is also available for purchase in this website’s shop!

Read an online opinion piece, which Joanna was invited to write by the Deputy Editor for Premier Christianity Magazine, called “God is still in the miracle business. I know because he did one for me”.


Read a reflection piece, which Joanna was invited to write by the Co-Directors of Next Leadership, called “How self-leadership helps us follow God’s leading”. This was written as part of a series of reflections on Pentecost, which celebrates the day when God sent the Holy Spirit, the Christian faith was born, and the Global Church began. It is the Holy Spirit who makes miracles possible – and it is miracles which are at the heart of the content Joanna writes about. Whether or not you’re a leader in any official capacity, you’ll want to read this piece.

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