About a year ago, I stumbled upon a British pastor’s powerful and dramatic light through the cracks testimony, which I shared here on my blog.

So I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw a news headline, earlier this week, announcing that this same pastor had recently died … and been resurrected through the power of prayer!

It seems that he had been jumping at a trampoline park with his three young children, when he started feeling sick, vomited, and collapsed onto the floor. A stranger, witnessing what was happening, hurried to get help. Staff at the park rushed to the pastor’s aid and placed him in the recovery position – while one of his children contacted their mum. She didn’t hesitate in encouraging them to immediately start praying for their dad, which they duly did, as they stood nearby, watching what was happening.

Suddenly the pastor stopped breathing.
He had suffered a cardiac arrest.
He was clinically dead.

Waiting for the ambulance to arrive, one of the staff started administering CPR, using a defibrillator. He gave the pastor four shock doses.

Fifteen minutes after his heart had stopped, it miraculously started again.

When the pastor was blue-lighted to hospital, he was placed in an induced coma, and his wife was told to prepare herself. At best, he would suffer permanent brain damage, she was told. At worst, he would not recover at all.

Undeterred, his wife had already mobilised people to pray. All over the world, word had got out, and Christians were on their knees, praying and pleading with God to restore the life of this pastor, in the name of Jesus.

When the pastor woke up, it was a Sunday morning, and his congregation had gathered for their weekly church service. As the news filtered through, they wept and rejoiced.

Doctors have been baffled at his rapid recovery. They have never seen anyone come back to life after a fourth defibrillator shock. They have never known someone to be dead for fifteen minutes and not suffer some sort of brain damage.

It makes no medical sense.

But the pastor insists that it was the combination of prayer and prompt first aid that led to his incredible resurrection.

For me, it’s an example of light through the cracks … 

If you want to read the full story, you’ll find it here, here and here. And to watch brief footage about the story, recorded for BBC South Today, you need to click here.

Photo via Pixabay.


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