Some of you will remember this powerful and dramatic light through the cracks testimony, about a British musician who found faith in Jesus and went on to become a Pentecostal pastor, which I shared on my blog some time ago.

Some of you will also remember this equally powerful and dramatic light through the cracks miracle story, of how the same pastor died at a trampoline park, and was resurrected, through the power of prayer, which I shared on my blog the month before last.

So I’ve been excited to discover his story featuring in the new series of the BBC TV programme, ‘Close Calls: On Camera‘, in an episode which was aired two days ago.

The episode features CCTV footage of staff at the trampoline park fighting for his life, audio recordings of their conversations with the emergency services on the day, and interviews with the pastor and other key people involved in the story.

Incredibly, even though this has been made for mainstream TV in the UK, the presenter, Nick Knowles, does not shy away from acknowledging the role that was played by the power of prayer in saving the pastor’s life, and the interviews have not been edited to exclude it.

My only caveat is that some of what has been caught on camera is a little bit disturbing. But this is equally what makes it all the more miraculous that this man isn’t dead or brain damaged.

You will find it here on BBC iPlayer. Watch it while you can!

Photo by Tanja-Denise Schantz from Pixabay



  1. Jackie Turner Reply

    Thank you Jo! We are always looking for encouraging stuff for Luke to watch on Sunday mornings, when he would usually be going to youth group as part of our church service. We’ll watch this first, but it might be a good option for us to show him. If you come across any other video stories, appropriate and interesting for teenage boys, please let me know!

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