It is the mid 1970s in the South Eastern United States. A husband’s drug taking and infidelity have caused his marriage to come close to crumpling. But he and his wife have relatively recently found faith in Jesus, and their marriage has been reconciled for the sake of their two young daughters.

And then comes a gynaecologist’s devastating diagnosis: “You have cancer of the uterus,” the wife is told, “Your only option is a hysterectomy.”

Two weeks before the surgery is scheduled, a Christian prophet calls the husband. “Jesus appeared to me with a message for you,” he tells him, before proceeding to unpack an incredible prophetic word … “You will have a son. His name will be Jonathan David … He will write prophetic songs and his music will go out over all the earth … ”

If you’re a Christian, it’s likely you will know some of the songs from world renowned worship leader, Jonathan David Helser – especially this one – but it’s unlikely you will know the story behind his birth. According to the doctors, he should never have been born. It was his mother who was two weeks away from a hysterectomy; his father to whom God gave the prophetic word.

His father’s powerful testimony is recorded here. It is well worth a watch.

[Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash]


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