It comprises 84,000 words, written on 332 pages.
It took me seven years to write, one day a week, alongside a full-time job.
It’s taken me most of this year to get it ready for publication.
It’s been read, reviewed and endorsed by nine well-known people.
It contains ten true stories, featuring 33 different named stakeholders and multiple unnamed others.

After all this and more, my debut book, “Light through the Cracks: How God Breaks In When Life Turns Tough“, is now heading out into the Big Wide World!


Whether it’s a cancerous stomach tumour disappearing without trace; a man defying death, multiple times following life-threatening injuries incurred in a head-on road collision; a baby born prematurely, only to confound the medical predictions about his prognosis; cash appearing out of nowhere to keep a church from closing; or a teenager seeing her long-term debilitating illness disappear in an instant, these and all the other stories in this book are ones that need to be told.

They are stories of ordinary people encountering God in extraordinary ways – sometimes miraculously, other times in the seemingly mundane – witnessing him heal, deliver, provide and protect, in the midst of truly tough times.


Last week, I hosted an in-person event to launch the book.

It was a wonderful evening, filled with lovely people, live music, drinks, canapes, speeches, interviews, readings, lots of book sales and signings, and even some Bonfire Night sparklers.

I am so grateful to everyone who came!

Tomorrow, Friday 12 November, is the official release date, and it will make me a fully-fledged published author!

So …

Do you know anyone feeling doubtful that God being actively at work today?
Do you know anyone holding out hope for a miracle?
Do you know anyone needing encouragement in their Christian faith?

If you do, please will you recommend my book to them?

In the UK, it’s available from WaterstonesBlackwells and Eden. In the USA, it’s available from Barnes & Noble and Powells. In all countries, it’s available from Amazon. It also continues to be available directly from my website.


Without giving names away, who would you give my book to, and why?

Please enter your answers in the comments below to be in with a chance of a free giveaway signed copy to mark the official release date! (The deadline is midnight, UK time, on Sunday 14 November.)

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  1. I’ve just finished your book last night. (So much for just one chapter per night!) Wow!!!! This book is ace. I will be buying multiple copies to give away.

    The person I most want to give it to is a good mum friend from the playground. Just before we moved this summer, we had an opportunity to pray together and have some good conversations between my son and her about faith, as she gave him lifts to places. I am sure she and her daughter would really appreciate this book and it would provide a love excuse to post them a nice long letter too! 🙂

    • Joanna Watson Reply

      Thank you Anna! I’m so glad you think the book is ace. Do leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads, if you feel able. As for your mum friend, she sounds like a great nominee for winning the free copy of the book!

    • I would love to give a copy of your book to a very dear friend who has been suffering for many years with debilitating illnesses. We have all been praying for a miracle for her and she has wonderful Faith in the Lord Jesus, always hoping it will happen, maybe today. I just heard you speaking on UCB 2 sharing of the young Woman who had ME and was miraculously healed and feel your book would be a great encouragement to her.

      • Joanna Watson Reply

        Thanks for listening to my UCB2 interview today, Fran, and for leaving your comment here. Perhaps you could share the link to the recording of the interview, with your friend, so she can listen again and hear the prayer? Regarding the free giveaway book, this was won, last week, by Anthea, after I entered the names in a random draw. (Apologies if it wasn’t clear enough that the offer in this post was timebound.) I’d be happy to sign a copy for your friend, if you buy the book through the shop on this site, or you’d be welcome to buy one from any good bookshop. Thank you!

  2. Pip Peacock Reply

    I would give a copy to my friend who has a ten year old son who has been diagnosed with Chrohns disease. He has been in an awful lot of pain and we have been praying and praying for his healing. That are becoming quite despondent and I think your book will encourage them.

    • Joanna Watson Reply

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s son, Pip, but it sounds like they are ideal nominees for winning the free copy of the book!

  3. Anthea Gordon Reply

    I would give my copy to my sister who I think could do with being reminded about the miracles of God today!

    • Joanna Watson Reply

      Thanks Anthea! She sounds like a perfect candidate for the free copy of the book!

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