When my phone pings, letting me know I’ve received a message, I see it’s from a friend who I’ve known since we were teenagers: Would I like to attend a healing conference at her church this weekend? The main speaker has an incredible testimony of miraculous healing. She is now travelling the world in full time Christian healing ministry. 

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the conference, but I make a point of finding, and listening to, an online recording of the speaker’s testimony.

It doesn’t take long to realise it epitomises ‘light through the cracks‘!

It’s the story of a woman who experiences a botched birth, leading to incredible complications and interminable pain in the pelvic area. Very many people pray for her, in very many ways, over very many years. But the pain does not dissipate. If anything, it intensifies. At one point, she even dies during surgery and has an out of body experience. Then, just as she is about to be booked in for her 14th operation in 14 years, she senses God telling her to go to a Christian conference on the opposite side of the country. If she goes, He tells her, He will bless her there. Reluctantly, she obeys … and, at the very last moment, God steps in with a miraculous healing!

Her name is Joanne Moody, she is from the USA, and you can watch her sharing testimony in a film clip embedded into this page, about halfway down. It will take six minutes of your time.

Have a listen and may your faith for healing be built and blessed!

[Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash]



  1. Great story. Sadly, I’m in that place where I don’t believe God will heal me anymore. Every opportunity I have had, I have had prayer for healing and nothing happens. I think that my illness (fibromyalgia) keeps me humble and, although I have had many discussions with God about his seeming lack of willing to heal me, I have just grown to accept that this is how things are to be. I love it when God heals other people though. He is wonderful.

    • Joanna Watson Reply

      You are very gracious, Janet, to celebrate with those whom God does heal, while wrestling with why he hasn’t healed you. I guess you may never know the answer to that question – but I doubt very much whether it’s because of a lack of belief on your part or a lack of willingness on his part!

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