I will never lose enthusiasm for hearing how God has transformed a tough time, bringing his ‘light through the cracks’, especially when the tough time is one that’s been going on for years.

This one recently landed in my inbox, and I knew I had to share it.

Not long after Luke was born, the doctors discovered that he had a blockage in his oesophagus. So, rather than doing its job of moving food from his mouth to his stomach, Luke’s oesophagus kept bringing his food back up as bile – and his parents’ joy turned to concern, as they watched their baby boy constantly vomiting.

Nothing changed as he grew. If anything, it got worse, and his family had to go to incredible lengths to enable him to live with the condition. It impacted almost every area of their lives.

In this moving film, Luke, now a 15 year old teenager, narrates his story, with his mum.

Always aware that he was different to everyone else, he soon started grappling with crippling fear, as well as his physical symptoms.  

When his mental health took a nosedive, Luke hit rock bottom, and he found himself contemplating suicide.

But his mum never stopped praying for him. From the moment she knew she was pregnant, her prayers for Luke were constant.

Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, God showed up to turn things around in an utterly transformative way – and Luke had a powerful encounter with the presence of God.

To use his own words: “It was insane to feel that love”.

What followed next is part of this incredibly moving film. It will take six minutes of your time to watch.


Have you, like Luke, been living with an illness for a long time, perhaps a lifetime, which is impacting almost every area of your life? If so, who in your life is praying for you with the same sort of persistence as Luke’s mum, holding out hope for your healing?

When Luke was healed, it was because God became manifestly and powerfully present, and Luke knew-beyond-knowing that God loved him. Have you ever experienced God’s presence? If so, how did it happen, and how did you feel?

As ever, constructive comments are welcome below.

Photo from Conger Design via Pixabay.


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