Seven years ago, I was gripped by this real life news story – the story of Saroo Brierley, a young man, who used Google Earth to find his childhood home and reconnect to the life he lost when he was little, in an incredible journey from India to Australia, and back again.

It’s partly because it’s a miraculous and triumphant ‘against the odds’ story; partly because my work has taken me to India at different times; partly because I used to be a trustee for Toybox, a charity that works with street children.

A couple of years later, when it came out as a book, ‘A Long Way Home‘, I sat down and read it in one sitting.

This week, I revisited the film version of the story in the DVD, ‘Lion‘. It doesn’t sanitise the sights, sounds, smells and chaos of life on the streets of India and I only remembered late in the day that a stack of tissues would be a wise idea.

I share it on here as a ‘light through the cracks‘ story – a story of survival, grit, determination, inspiration, triumph, hope and miracles – which is well worth the time it will take you to read or watch it.


[Photo via Pixabay]



  1. Anthea Gordon Reply

    How funny Jono and I were talking about that film only last night!! How’s the book…? Anthea

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    • Aw, that’s amazing Anthea! The book is coming together slowly but surely – I’m currently writing the final story! And then I’ve got a whole heap of fiddly edits to do on all of the stories. But the end is now definitely in sight. Roll on publication in 2020!

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